• Video KYC
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About Video KYC
What is Digi (Video KYC)?
  • Digi Video KYC is our latest offering which automates customer onboarding for BFSI space. Customer can share their KYC via video through mobile or desktop pc for any place of their convenience.
  • Video KYC allows businesses to utilize document image capture, digital ID validation & a face-to-face interaction with a trained official to digitize and expedite the KYC process.
  • Performing video-based KYC verification is extremely cost-effective and saves entities a substantial amount of time.
Why Digi (Video KYC)?
  • Helps to remotely on-board customers.
  • Comply with guidelines set by the IRDAI.
  • Get AI-ML based accurate face-match.
  • Automate Concurrent Audit / verification process.
  • Security control to prevent forgery.
  • Plug & play on-prem solution across multiple communication platform.
  • Aadhaar - OTP and Biometric (Basis Client’s available license - Ready API Kit available for integrations).
  • Verify details from Aadhaar QR code.
Customer Flow
Liveliness detection & Geo-tagging
Customer first have to pass the liveliness test in real time.
Video Capture & Validation
Present 3-4 random questions for interaction in real time & photo will be captured from the video.
Perform OCR on KYC
Upload Id proof,Age proof & Address proof & verify them in real time & mask Aadhaar number using our OCR capabilities.
Face Matching
Photo captured from the video & face captured from the uploaded KYC doc will be matched in the background.
Review Result
Review submitted details and check OCR & face matching result.
Comply with guidelines set by the RBI, IRDAI, SEBI
Record video as well as capture photo
Accept clear image of PAN card
Capture live location to ensure customer is in India
Face matching with Id proof
KYC document to be matched with application form
Verify a few details with the customer in random order
Video recording has to be stored with time stamp
Mask Aadhaar number on Aadhaar card
End to end encryption
Auditor Tool
Concurrent Audit for Video KYC

None of the solutions are 100% foolproof in market. Regulators are strict, fraudsters are becoming smarter and more tech savvy, while business teams want ease of use and flexibility, audit and risk control functions have a challenge to ensure risk proof operations and thus require adequate tools to highlight and plug non compliances and process inadequacies. In many cases it has been found that while the customer front-end interactions are digitally assisted, the fulfilment is still manually carried out by backend teams.

Our Concurrent Auditor tool enables organisations to ensure compliance and adherence to set process guidelines, authenticates the validity of the documents, detects fraud and highlights anomalies. It helps the organisation to bridge the gaps in its existing Video KYC implementations. With our AI driven tool organizations can Audit Video KYC cases, Detect frauds and anomaly and reduce the operational cost of backend verification resulting in enhanced user experience and improved TATs