• DigiMagica- High Power Compression Tool

    Compress your 1 GB video to 200 MB (80%)

    High compression solution for Vidoes, Images and Documents

    Compress, Convert, Cut, Concat, Correct
High Power Compression Tool
  • Real-time Document & Video Compression
  • File compression up to 1/20th or 90% at source with no loss in image/file quality.
  • Formats supported include images, pdf, Audio-Video files, DICOM (Digital imaging and communications in Medicine) files
  • No change to native file formats (JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, PDF, AVI, WAV, MPEG, MP3, MP4, MP4, FLV etc.)
  • Compress leads to last mine connectivity load reduction, making apps work in lower bandwidth requirements (2G/3G) and further saves up to 90+% on storage costs
  • Challenge – Different mobile devices, scanners and software capture images in different formats and multiple sources of click and uploads cause non standard file types to land in the company’s systems. These may not be compatible with downstream applications or efficient for storage and retrieval
  • Digi conversion utility and API converts file formats into desired formats for downstream usage – especially useful to get standardisation despite diversity of user mobile devices
  • Stitch together images into single tif/pdf file for easy storage of files removing redundancies and mess
  • Rule based processing to merge multiple image files into one
  • Can identify patterns and merge files into multi page documents for easy storage and retrieval
  • Sample use case: branches may scan or user may upload clicks of a multi-page document as individual files. While downstream systems may expect in single file e.g. Passport copy sent as 2/3 individual clicks can merge into a single tif/pdf file
  • File splitting with intelligent algorithms for pattern recognition
  • Rule based file splitting into multiple documents - Split by customer record/identifier, Split by pages (specific number based), Split by delimiter, Split by pattern
  • Typical use case includes operations where bulk images for processing cases are received as a single multi page pdf/tif file
  • Example - Vendor invoices (Marine Insurance Claims), Bank Files, Customer Data Records, Report dumps received etc.
Business Challenges addressed

New age digitalisation struggles: Consistency of and sets for documents sourced via mobile phones and other non-standard sources, file formats, file sizes

Advancements in mobile phone camera mega pixels increase file size exponentially . Each click putting additional load on Mobile app performance, data transfer load, RAM consumption for backend applications and high storage costs.

In addition, companies have many customer documents in an uncompressed format stored document repositories and which became difficult to store, process, extract and access.

Non standard sets: Single Doc-Single File, Single Doc Multiple-Files within the landscape: e.g Customer Passport may be a single tif/pdf file multi page, or multiple separate images clicked per page, impacts indexing, retrieval and access.

Multi records in single files. Partners sending customer documents with multiple customer records in a single large tif image/pdf file require manually snipping/splitting to store records at customer level cabinets.

Images may not always come to the company in best quality or orientation. E.g. shadows in clicks, tilted images, upside down images etc which post OCR challenges.

Solution :
  • ➢ Use Digi-Compressor to compress images, videos, documents, pdf files in real-time.
  • ➢ Using batch mode, companies can also compress all historic documents.
  • ➢ Digi-Compressor sets best parameters on scanned compressed files so that OCR can be performed (if required) on such files in future
  • ➢ Use Digi iMagica Splitter utility for splitting files based on pre set rules/patterns
  • ➢ Use Digi iMagica Concatenator to stitch together images into a single tif/pdf file for easy storage of files removing redundancies and mess
  • ➢ Use Digi iMagica Converter to convert different file formats to standardised formats as desired
  • ➢ In addition Digi iMagica also enhances the documents automatically for clarity and orientation of images