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    A Fintech Startup. We specialise in Mobility, Cloud Computing, Digital Image Processing and Securing Information Assets
  • DigiVision.ai
    OCR & Image-based solutions which provides a quantum leap in operational efficiency. Multiple “Use-cases” for Financial Services, Telecom, Education sectors etc.
  • Secure Nexus
    Secure Nexus specializes in application, infrastructure and cloud security assessments. Securing your Nexus of Forces. Your cyber risk Shield
An Intelligent Digital Eye
Document Processed
Doc Detection
Aadhaar Redactions
Files Compressed
Face Match
Video KYC
Video KYC
Zero-touch end to end KYC Experience. Enable customer on-boarding remotely by taking photo & Id proof over an encrypted AV interaction and capturing live location.
Digi e-KYC facilitates the completion of the KYC process online by eliminating the need for filling up physical forms and submission of physical documents. Using our solution, you can now onboard customers with the least amount of paperwork and in the shortest possible time.
Digital KYC
The most comprehensive offering to onboard customers digitally. Our AI based customer authentication system helps you fulfil customer KYC instantly in lines with regulations in a smooth and secure way.
Face Detection
Component Products in action are Id verification, access control, social distancing, face mask detection, body temperature monitoring.
Using Digi Redaction, you can enhance the security of Aadhaar Image & customer Data.
Classification & Indexing
Users can search keywords and fetch documents and their data from above Million+ records in a fraction of seconds.
SecureNexus GRC
SecureNexus GRC assists in digitally managing IT Security assessment, Governance & Compliance requirements. Fully customization with inbuilt form Builder and dynamic workflows.
e-Asset Management
Manage and monitor IT Assets from on-prem, cloud and on over the internet. Store 200+ metadata related to each asset. Integrated asset and vulnerability management to track servers, applications, databases, devices. Track resources owned or managed by the Shadow IT team.
Vulnerability Management
Track and monitor vulnerabilities within the application, infrastructure and devices to ensure gap closure on time. Security feed to find out vulnerable components and affected assets. Schedule period assessment using an inbuilt workflow and track vulnerabilities identified during the assessment, code review, security audits.
Business Continuity Management
BCM enabled the organization to perform business impact analysis (BIA) and predict the consequences of disruption of business during a disaster. Function Resumption Plan (FRP) for disruption scenarios. Integrated with incident management and issue tracker. Dynamic reports based on disruption scenarios such as Location, Vendor , people, process are covered
Vendor Onboarding and Due Diligence
Manage all vendors with vendor Onboarding workflow. Security evaluation (due diligence) by creating dynamic questionnaires with workflows. Vendor onboarding decision based on security score. Tiering the vendor and schedule regular assessments based on the vendor criticality. Manage vendor contracts with notification on Expiring contracts. Track vendor-related issues using the centralized issue tracker.
Incident Management
Manage IT incident management lifecycle from logging til closure with dynamic workflows. Rules to define severity and prioritize incident closure. Integration with Business Continuity Management (BCM).
SOX Toolkit
SOX Toolkit eases the process of setting up a SOX compliance framework according to your organization setup. Create a repository for all risk control matrix (RCM). Dashboard to monitor submitted, pending and overdue RCM’s. Auto reminder and escalation mail to be sent out to the SPOC owner of the respective processes for non-upload of RCM.
Poket Office
PoketOffice is an Umbrella of Mobility based systems that’ll allow you to manage your Office from your Smartphone.
Command Center
Information hub for managing all field assets and resources in real time.
Attendance System
Employees can mark their attendance while on move or on field using Mobile devices; helps prevent misuse.
Add power to your Customer engagements; schedule visits; manage updates in real-time; use native CRM or interface with your CRM.
Employee Self Service & Leave Mgt
Mobile-workflow based Employee Self Service for managing Leave & other essentials; an Employee support system; helps improve productivity.
Complaint Management
A mobile based Services Management platform; ticket based tracking from start to closure; good for Complaint Management & other Services.
Corporate Task Tracker
Single platform to service a variety of organization needs; helps manage Individual initiatives, service functional needs, manage cross-functional & Corporate projects.
Secure Nexus
Secure Nexus specializes in application, infrastructure and cloud security assessments.Securing your Nexus of Forces. Your cyber risk Shield
Application Security Testing
Conducting web application security audit (aligned to OWASP standards). Providing an integration of application life cycle with security testing and risk analysis.Automated and manual Black-box and White-box security testing. Analyzing all possible attack surfaces and safeguarding the application from possible attacks. Remediation support and providing the best recommendations to identified vulnerabilities
Cloud Security Assessment
This service offering focuses on auditing cloud architecture to identify security flaws in configuration, implementation, and deployments. Our team specializes in assessing AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud environments.
Infrastructure Security Assessment
We offer a network architecture review, configuration review, security assessment of underline infrastructure to find flaws related to the patch, configuration, and deployments.
Source Code Review
Our secure coding experts have tested and done code reviews for a large variety of programming languages such as Java, PHP, ASP, Node and .NET applications. We specialise on mobile app code reviews across Android & iOS platforms.
Threat Modeling
Threat modeling is an activity to anticipate possible threats against information assets. In this service offering, we perform threat profiling earlier in the development cycle to identify potential risks by identifying architecture and flow diagrams.
Red Team Assessment
SecureNexus incorporates Red Team Assessments to measure the strength of applications, Cloud, network infrastructure, DataCenter, Office Premises, Vendor Premises from the perspective of a real-life adversary.
SecureNexus follows a unique approach toward Open-Source intelligence (OSINT). Our team uses various tools and techniques for finding, collecting, and correlating publicly available information related to the target and how the extracted data can be used to carry out targeted attacks.
Our team is specialized in implementing DevSecOps by integrating security in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) process.
Turnkey Services
The Compliance system helps manage Compliances proactively; tracks statutory & regulatory compliances. Argus supports SMEs to large Corporations, On-Premise to SaaS, has an in-built Document management system, a flexible mechanism for alerts on mail, message, mobile etc.
Telematics & Navigation
The Navigation-Suite for road travelers, motoring industry & motoring enthusiasts includes point-to-point maps, travel support & guidance; Systems for Motor-sports; Vehicle management, tracking etc.
The eCommerce platform has a rich features list and its amongst the better ones in this space. The flexible architecture ensures its adaptability across a range of business verticals.
Payment System
Digital payment platform for B2B & B2C model. Includes digital wallets, various payment gateway integration, domestic money transfer, online recharges & bill payments, bus ticket booking etc.
Xbiz techventures private limited are Information Management professionals who have been at leadership roles as CEO / CIO / CXO with Global organizations in FMCG, Retail, Financial Services, Private Security, Renewable Energy sectors. xbiz aims to create an eco-system of socially relevant products & services that touch people, that are unique, that address unstated needs, which are easy to use. xbiz explores un-chartered waters and fosters a spirit of Adventure in the Ventures.
Xbiz founders desire to give back to Industry and Society that provided the opportunity to grow & excel as professionals. Having embarked on the journey of Entrepreneurship themselves, equipped with knowledge, experience & understanding of the business world, they are keen to share their experience, guide & lead others to success. Please feel free to contact us, converse with us, meet us.
Leadership Team
Vinod Kumar
  • An entrepreneur from the start, establishing a technology company back in 1996 having seen what it takes to create value and traverse the tides of time to build sustainable business.
  • Vinod is an Information Technology business leader with over two and half decades of software development and product management under his belt. His prior venture, developed an ERP that became the de-facto platform of the Private security sector, servicing over 1,000+ customers.
  • At x-Biz, Vinod is responsible for Company strategy, business development, Customer relations and operational excellence.
Sunil Yadav
  • An avid cricketer turned technologist, young and dynamic professional with 12+ years of specialization in Information security.
  • He has also been a trainer for the Web Hacking - Black Belt Edition and Advanced Web Hacking courses at Black Hat and other leading conferences. He has provided security training to various clients in UK, EU and USA via corporate trainings.
  • He has won accolades from a number of Global Corporates for identifying security vulnerabilities in their products. He has a number of Publications to his credit.
  • At x-Biz,Sunil manages Technology Research and Development and Secure Nexus - the Information Security & Risk Management business vertical
Sanjiv Shah
  • An Industry veteran and the driving force for management of x-Biz, Sanjiv is a serial entrepreneur after having had over 25 years experience in Engineering, Process Manufacturing, FMCG, Food & Beverages, Financial Services sectors.
  • Apart from the sectoral diversity, he has vast experience as a CIO of top brands in the country. Sanjiv has spearheaded management strategies holding leadership positions with Fortune-100 organizations such as Coca-Cola India, Aviva Life Insurance, Birla Life among other notable Corporates and start-ups where he built the Technology function from scratch.
  • Experienced in establishing & scaling-up operations; ensures alignment of functional strategies with business objectives. Entrepreneurial in thought & practice, he has a P&L mindset and drives business financials.
  • At x-Biz, he is responsible for Corporate Affairs, Customer success and driving excellence.